The Truth…

Posted Thursday, Feb 15, 2018

Time to reveal the truth about the car dealer industry, uncover the lies and give all the leverage to car shoppers.

The most delicious hook for all car shoppers is the PRICE of the vehicle of their dreams. Somehow, even in our days, people believe in low prices, easy terms, low payments. LOW PRICES are used to attract customers to the dealerships, make them feel that they are missing a deal of their life (do you feel it?)

But the TRUTH is that nobody is willing to sell you a car at a price below the market (except an old neighbor of yours trying to sell his 1982 Ford Mustang) or if the car has had a major accident.

To get a more realistic picture of what is happening on the market right now, you could use websites like Kelly Blue Book, to get the sense of right pricing. Just keep your head cool and don't get emotional.

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