How to Buy Smarter Pt. 3

Posted Wednesday, Jan 10, 2018

"You wanna know what's more important than throwin' away money at a strip club?" Credit - Jay Z

And he is definitely right! Every person wants to have a high Credit Score, which will allow for purchasing more expensive things in the future (luxury cars, a house of your dreams). But the question is where to start, and how to achieve your goal?

Financing or Leasing a car is not the only way to establish a higher credit score, but it is the fastest way and we know a little bit about it. Different options give you an opportunity to choose:

1) How long do you want to pay for the car?
2) How much are you willing to pay monthly?
3) How much money are you willing to put as a downpayment?

These questions will help you determine which car is most suitable for you. Just remember, if your goal is to increase your Credit Score, you need to answer these Questions first, before you choose a Make and Model of the car.

Usually, people get emotional when purchasing a car, without looking at the numbers and end up putting themselves into a Finance trap, where they couldn't afford monthly payments, miss due dates and destroy their Credit History.

Driving a cheaper, more reliable car for just ONE year, while paying small monthly payments and paying back the loan in full, will definitely help you to get into more expensive, luxurious cars after, with SMALLER Interest Rate, and Cheaper Downpayments due to the banks having more trust in you!

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